(Video) ZeeMusic Ni-Zee Compilation Tracklisting


‘ZeeMusic Ni Zee’ is set to release on 01.07.2014, which means we are exactly 4 weeks to the release.You will be able to cop your music and stream on places like iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon, Google, Blackberry Music, Sony, YouTube, and other major platforms!

1. Intro

2. Paul Da Prince – Your Name

3. Kastro feat Ty beats – My Khalessi

4. Wonderboy – God’s Time

5. Ramsay – Never Let Me Go

6. Nick Pro – Your Smile

7. Brizzo – Give It To Me

8. YBA – Dat Ting

9. Ceejay Cranky – Back Against The Wall

10. KSLayer feat Princess Jazz – I’m Good

11. YoungDBoy – One Night Forever

12. Slick Uno – Gwilizanani

13. Young Beyz – Do You Right

14. Tha DJLo – I Love You

15. Shinolda Kool – Run

16. Luke9ine – Real Life

17. Aubrey – Ekonafuma

18. The Jedi – Walala Washala

19. Chalila Brothers – Kaduda

20. Young Tenacious – Superstory

The pre-release in on 06.06.2014 so you can make your pre-orders on iTunes, and be able to download one song from the album before being able to download the whole album for only £7.99!

Download Video Below:

ZeeMusic – Ni Zee Compilation Album (Promo Video)
(Video) – Download [3.9 MB]

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