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VIDEO: JIFAN – Jesus Is For All Nations

JIFAN shares this new spouting video he titled ‘Jesus Is For All Nations‘ or rather call it ‘Be Involved‘.


“I believe you are saved to serve!!! focus on making obedience based disciples who will make others disciples and others make others and others make others……….!!!! The mandate has been to make obedience based disciples of all nations so that worship toward only God the Creator of EVERYTHING can be here, there and everywhere!! BE INVOLVED before nations die without Jesus!! you can! i can! we can be involved into this mission of helping others here, there and everywhere turn back to God and repent to Him and put thier faith in JESUS THE CHRIST…….”

Watch below and Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD VIDEO: JIFAN – Jesus Is For All Nations

[via YouTube]

PHOTO courtesy of JIFAN