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VIDEO: Chuzhe Int Ft Jorzi & Destro FNP – “Strongest Boy Alive (S.B.A)”

Super talented rapper and wordsmith Chuzhe Int teams up with gifted male vocalist Jorzi and budding artist Destro FNP to deliver his well crafted single dubbed “Strongest Boy Alive (S.B.A).” The making of this song has been marred with uphill battles but I’m glad we are here now. Please listen to this song and boost your pocket of faith and dreams.


This song talks about the true depiction of how a man has to do so much to earn recognition and money with pressure coming in from all angles possible. This song explores society’s ability to give verbal accolades yet nothing tangible is given to nurture and foster a person of vast adeptness.

This record track to get you through those lows and wouldn’t be a wrong choice as it gives you a push to burn the candle at both ends and makes you comprehend that to make it in today’s world, you have to put in blood, sweat, and tears altogether.

Watch the video below.