Unbelievably Spectacular is thrilled to announce the release of the third studio EP from the multi-talented, creative genius Talé Sheezy titled TALÉPATHY which was available worldwide on 10th December, 2021. 

The 5 track project serves as a thirteen minute sonic glimpse into the 24 year old’s adventurous, pleasant, grim, sophisticated and eccentric life. The EP kicks off with the first single, ‘LOS ANGELES BOULEVARD’ followed by the release of the video. It’s a groovy track decorated by Talé’s nonchalant but steady flow over an explosive Chase Iyan produced instrumental, explicitly detailing the shenanigans of a young Zambian hipster living extraordinarily through the rave life as well as encounters with women and the law.  Talé Sheezy does not shy away from the general theme of the TALÉPATHY EP— With intimate and soulful songs like the second  single, ‘DREAMS IN 69’ which is undoubtedly a time machine that transcends mind and soul back to the golden era of hip hop, all courtesy of the well chopped up beat, sharply penned down and delivered rap verses from the two lyricists and Amanda Redrose’s enchanting vocals. 

Artist Bio

Talé Sheezy is a 24-year-old Zambian rapper, singer songwriter, fashion model and producer. 

Born Mubinga Mutale Lioma Chileshe, at the age of 4 his parents noticed his fascination with music, purchasing his first cassette player from which he started experimenting and recording vocals. Freestyling by age 8 he went on to do his first studio session a few years later.

Talé quickly gained notoriety, performing at local festivals and cyphers winning the top award for three years running starting at age 16. At 18, Sheezy won the National Arts Council of Zambia award for Street Culture. He dropped his first mixtape in 2016, A Tale By Talé, on SoundCloud picking up viral support which landed him a deal with  London-based record label, Serious Underground Music/S.U.M. seeing international charting.

With a strikingly eccentric style fusing rap, soul, and funk Talé Sheezy connects with the current renewed interest in the Jazz influenced “boombastic” golden era hip-hop. Best exemplified by artists like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul, Tale showcases his own unique twist on the sound with his laid back flow and a conscious, poetic lyricism over J Dilla inspired beats.  

Despite the challenge of rapping in English in a quickly developing post-colonial country where 73 other official dialects and tribal cultures are recognized and spoken, the Talé represents the new globally connected generation of Zambians. 

The diaspora has consistently led music culture globally since the invention of jazz and the blues in the late 1800’s. This cutting edge forward thinking sonic culture has returned back to the African continent in a major ways seen with Afro Beats, Amapiano and South African House music’s current global popularity as the internet’s connectivity and lower production costs are universally empowering artists to do so.  Talé Sheezy is a culture shifter and one of the new faces of undiluted, radical artistic expression in Africa. 

Canadian label, Unbelievably Spectacular are ecstatic to release the artist’s buzz worthy 4 song EP “TELEPATHY” and North American independent label debut. The label head became immersed in the local scene while in Zambia when the pandemic hit, remaining there avoiding the much worse Northern than chi winter lockdown conditions connecting with the local music scene to collaborate on an influx of upcoming releases showcasing the extreme talent.


Label Bio


Unbelievably Spectacular is a Canadian independent label founded in 2019. Previously also operating as an artist management company it has overseen breakout albums such as Peach Pit’s being So Normal in 2017, Yung Heazy’s Whenever You’re Around I Hate Everyone Else (2018) and dj poolboi’s Forever Yours (2019) all of which have been streamed over 250 million times and launched each respected artist globally.  The label is now gearing up for a number of releases with Zambian artists after the label’s founder relocated there during the pandemic and quickly became immersed in the highly talented yet globally lesser known local music scene.

Please email eric@unbeleivablyspectacular.com for all media inquiries.

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