Tio Nason – “BLKPWR” (Dance Video)

June 23, 2020

#BLM Black Lives Matter!

Here is a new single titled “BLKPWR” by Tio Nason on which he makes a call for justice, healing, and freedom to Black people across the globe. Black Power is sometimes a call for separitsm, that is no different in result to white power, mainly expressed by whoever feels as if they’re opressed by the whites or other societies but Tio’s song is a cry for justice and freedom to the black race and renders vocal support to the Black Lives Matter #BLM movement similar to Nasty C’s song They Don’t on which he collaborated with American rapper, T.I.

The term ‘Black Power’ originated from the black panthers in the 60’s.

Special thanks to Kendra Oyesanya, Shot by: @mizzk.o @antwonkeith, Assisted videographer: theindustryplayground, Direction: @mizzk.o Assisted by @antwonkeith, Music content was produced by Skagbeats.