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“The Kitwe genre was sampled from Ghana” says Dancehall Musician K Spanna

On a debate which was brought about by Zambia’s iconic producers KB saying, “Slapdee had a whole generation trying to sound like him, then they started sounding like Chef 187 And now I’m hearing a lot of them sounding like JEMAX .Respect to the trendsetters.”


Most of the zed music fantastics were off the view that, Jemax is sounding in such a way because of the Copperbelt most influential artist YCeleb, while others maintain to say Jemax was in the game before Y Celeb.

K Spanna Dancehall on Facebook comments saying, “Both YCeleb And Jemax never started that sound. We the Kitwe people know best ask me bout stotious Iza’z Chinzy.

He went on to say, “jemax is from kabwe… and this kitwe genre of music was first made in chamboli then wusakile… my friend super was still in high school then.. Stotious Iza’z Chinzy and cholacho good boy wer th first to do it.. This genre was actually sampled from ghana… spoiler alert.”

Tezza on Facebook supports K Spanna’s comment saying, “Truth of the matter is that both y celeb and jemax found that stlye so who ever thinks they made that stlye is a lie.”

Another fan by the name of Michelo commented saying, “Much Respect K Spanna Dancehall … They shouldn’t forget About Chinzy when talking about that style… MHSRIP… Chinzy and AJ Kamailus Chibangu changed the Kopala game with that hit… NEVA FORGET THAT.”

He went on say, “ I was blazing that Tchune back at Club Hashtag before anyone ever heard of Super and JeMaX, (No disrespect). Love their sound too… But Chinzy brought on that sound before it even became a Thing… Only Later did Y’all hear Chilepule Baby… And It Began.”

Furthermore, “Y-Celeb used to sound like Chinzy before he refined his sound and started sounding like the Super you know Today… Much Respect to Super & Jemude.”

Moses Andala has his own view on this as he comments saying, “Dandy Crazy influenced them all.”