The Industry Reacts To Chellah Tukuta’s Sentiments Regarding Zambian Music


Recently Zambian famous photographer Chellah Tukuta posted two pictures on his social media page Facebook to be precise, one photo had Burna Boy performing for a lot of people while the other photo had Yo Maps performing for the few Zambians in Australia.

Chellah made a caption on these two pictures saying, “The difference between a tour and Ukutandala ba Bululu. Let’s be humble and learn how others do it. As long as we remain too proud we can’t make it.”

His post brought some tension among the music fans and other celebrities. T.k Romaside commented on Chellahs post saying, “It Doesn’t happen overnight or in a day or month. And definitely even harder to get there with a mindset like the one you want to entertain right now. It takes alot more than individual effort to get there. We all need each other to work as a unit. We will get there sooner if we worked to lift each other up as opposed to bringing each other down.”

Willz commented saying, “Chella Tukuta Photography your pictures make the party look like they are still in the opposition. You in that position because they pity you uncle you sounding tough pa social media koma ndiwe kembo.” He went on to say, “busy asking for selfies when you meet us na nsapato zamu salaula. Kumbuwa bati.”

Some people however, holds that chella wasn’t wrong at all, FK photography ZM commented saying, “ I don’t see anything wrong with this post….such posts increases the drive and energy to work harder…….you will all see soon Yo boy and the other gents will pull up and work more harder….. negative critics are nice for brand development .Challah Tukuta Photography keep on bro.”

Grace Mwanza on Facebook commented saying, “When chellah spoke about this tour last time people spoke and insulted him . The same thing he was talking about is what happened then who is a problem here ? You want him to sugar coat them ,just to make them feel special iyo until the change and learn . The manager for chansa the great knows his job better.”

Mutinta Farai commented saying, “You have always been right on this. Our music industry has to improve to be able to pull massive crowds…We must be included in the Afro beat which the international market is currently  appreciating, let to not be just known to come from Nigeria,or is it west Africa.”

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