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“The industry has been stagnant way too long & it’s starting to make us look bad”- T-Low

Zambian recording artist T-Low feels Zambian DJ’s, Promoter, Listeners and Music fanatics need to start paying more attention to the lyrical content in the songs. He also feels the industry has been stagnant for too long and it is making great artists like him look bad.


The vocalist T-Low took to his Facebook page and made a statement which reads, “Zambian Dj’s , Promoters, Listeners & Fans need to start Paying attention to Lyrical Content!!’ The Music Is More serious out there than just Making or Having a So called Hit Song.

He went on to say, “ But as Long as you keep Praising Weak singers & Rappers,It’s Gonna Be very Hard for serious Lyrical Geniuses Like some of Us to Expand Here & Outside. Are you not Tired of This Bubble Gum Music?

He further notes that “The Industry has been Stagnant for Way Too Long & it’s Starting to Make Us Look Bad,Ya’ll Know Zambia is Capable of Representing TF.