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The highly-anticipated album “Broke Nolunkumbwa” by award-winning rapper Chef 187 has been released.

Zambian sensation Chef 187 has officially released his highly-anticipated fifth studio album “Broke Nolunkumbwa.” This 24-track project is a must-listen for Chef 187‘s fans and music lovers alike.


The album features notable artists such as Umusepela Crown, Ruth Ronnie, Jemax, Immortal Czar, Blake, Bow Chase, Towela, Chuze international, Milz The Teacher, Sam Nyambe, MUMBA Yachi, Chanda na Kay, Kopala pastor, Dizmo, Tie 4, T Low, HD Empire, and Fountain of Hope Kids. Each artist brings their unique style and talents to the album, making it a diverse and dynamic listening experience.

But the album’s success is not only due to the featured artists but also the sound engineers who have made a significant contribution to the project. Tony Breezy, Stash, C Mark, and Eazy Tha Producer deserve a special mention for their work on the album. Their expertise and skill have helped bring “Broke Nolunkumbwa” to life and make it the fantastic project it is.

Broke Nolunkumbwa” is available on all digital streaming platforms, so don’t miss out on this fantastic project. Check it out now and see for yourself why Chef 187’s fans have been eagerly awaiting this release. With its diverse range of styles and talents featured on the album, “Broke Nolunkumbwa” is sure to have something for everyone. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Chef 187 or new to his music, this album is a must-listen.

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