The 10 Best Slapdee Songs, Over A Decade


Since he made his bow in the last 2 decade, Slapdee has been one of the continent’s most enigmatic performers, combining a rare appreciation for pristine sounds with a witty approach to songwriting. The result is a catalog packed with great records which have sound tracked lots of fun and inspiring moments. However, since coming into the music industry, he has not shown signs of slowing down. Each year he thrills fans with an album or solo tracks or collaborations  that quickly turn to an anthem.

However, some songs are bigger than the other. Over the past 10 years, Slapdee has transcended the realms of the doubted rich boy into a bonafide legend of Zambian music. With the aid of smash hits and timeless records, he has persuaded Zambians and turned critics into fans of his music.

I present to you, a list of SlapDee’s  top 10 records (so far). Here is our criteria for this list;

“Mother Tongue” Daev

Slapdee certainly did something with this master stroke. Produced by the talented Crown Beat and Miles Came Along , “Mother Tongue” is a return to the streets, an unglorified account in the way few songs are. Doing a madness all over the country, it’s only proper the record makes this list –and were it ranked, “Mother Tongue” would feature highly. The song also enlists late Xyz Entertainment singing sensational Daev. The song is off his recent body of work and it’s headline of the project. “Mother Tongue is more centered on embracing the culture.

“Lituation” ft. Patoranking X Daev

There’s nothing Patoranking cannot do and this is one of those songs he demonstrates the fact. Combining with first phase patois-heavy, the Nigerian pop star, Patoranking supplied superb vibe and Daev blessing the record with an iconic hook for which this song will be remembered. Slapdee flexes lyrical muscle while threading by the groove. Easily one of his biggest and best records. In terms of sheer impact, this is arguably best single till tomorrow.

“Looking For Love” ft. Samba

Love records will never go out of style and will forever be here. I (Surb Ratio) can safely say this is one of my favorite songs  Slapdee, on “Looking For Love” provided his generation one of the more memorable love songs, pairing his likable personality with an enduring message of love that was sure to win over listeners.


Slapdee has so many classic hit songs to his name over the years but “Radio.” Mahn!!!!! This record got him breaking millstone not just in Zambia but around Africa.  A contemporary classic, this record is that one song that’ll never go old best believe this will be classic banger for generation yet to come.


Slapdee has served as inspiration for generations of all Zambian artists. On “Wagwan,” he channels, both in visual and song, the intricacies of Afrobeats –a full boisterous experience reliant on live instrumentation– and relays his own preferences on mid whine groove beat in appreciating all African woman.

“For A Long Time” ft. Bobby East

When Slapdee dons this green-yellow-red Dancehall hat to make a rap fused record, it’s usually a memorable effort. And “For A Long Time” ranks highly in that King Dizzo category, a sensual timeless hit record and he tapped multi award winging rapper who’s also XYZ Entertainment CEO  Bobby East. When ever this record plays just know its turn up time.

 “Dzuwa” ft. Jorzi

Although it was the first time they’d gotten on a song together, Slapdee and Jorzi showed great chemistry on “Dzuwa,” an aspirational banger which featured, by way of Jorzi, one of the hottest soul-touching tunes of 2020. Conscience music wins any day and this is it. Released during the Corvid pandemic times, this song takes you places of hope & mental peace.


Slap Dee begun 2018 by releasing the music video “Zonke” with audacious attempt to storm the music scene with a lot of steam in the industry which is housed on the BW2 album and was produced by Ricore. The visuals of this record was an outworldly experience, a cinematic beauty. It mirrors the song itself, a call for world peace from Slapdee. Considering the state of international relations today, it’s a message to be had –love.

 “New Day” ft. Koby

To be born in the trenches of the ghetto is to be hopeful even while hard working, and Slapdee’s ethos on “New Day” was a record which resonated with a lot of Zambians, especially those from generally low class areas. In the vein of the more recent “Dzuwa,” King Dizzo preaches a positive message while furthering its commercial prospect with an intrinsic sound that stayed close to its roots.

The Realest

After an uncertain period during which King Dizzo released BW2. He went on to deliver the music video for “The Realest” the first single off album. The visuals for the song generated mixed reviews from fans and critics with alot for questions and was arguably the biggest song in that run; so big that it overshadowed song hit hit songs at that time.  The track transcended the realms of rap into his infamous beef with Macky 2. Slapdee has cemented it with a strategic record that earned him the throne in the game.

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