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Tekno Miles: An artist to amp up your casino playing experience

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Tekno Miles: An artist to amp up your casino playing experience

Aside from the games, bright lights, and the thrilling gameplays, what people love most about casinos is the music that hypes them up. Regardless if they win or lose, it is with the help of casino music that players can have a magical experience whenever they test their luck. Gladly, artists like Tekno Miles help players stay more engaged and energized about playing in online casinos.

Tekno Miles, born Augustine Miles Kelechi, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer. He earned the moniker Tekno after being branded ‘Nigeria’s Chris Brown’. When he became a popular music personality, Tekno was referred to as the ‘Golden Boy of Africa,’ ‘Slim Daddy,’ and ‘Alhaji Tekno’.

He is a fantastic artist who has swept the nation with his upbeat sounds and appealing songs. Tekno Miles is also known for being a superb artist in various genres such as RnB and hip hop, in addition to Afrobeat which is his main genre. For those who haven’t heard about him before, here’s a closer look at his music and career:

Tekno Miles’ career

Singer and songwriter Tekno Miles started to develop a love for music when he was eight years old and enrolled in a music school. There, he learned how to play the piano and guitar.

​​Apart from his modesty, he is notable for his perseverance in pursuing a career in the entertainment sector. He grabbed the attention of renowned individuals including comedian Julius Agwu and duo record label managers Iyanya and Ubi Franklin after singing the song ‘Onye Ne’Kwu,’ which was his remix of Ice Prince’s ‘Oleku’, at an event in Abuja.

It didn’t take long for him to get signed to K-Money Entertainment as a rising artist. His debut single, ‘Holiday’, was released in 2013 and featured Davido on vocals. It was broadcasted on several radio stations and television (TV) channels, thus making him a big figure in Nigerian music.

Popular songs

Tekno Miles has produced several amazing songs that became massive hits in his career. These songs have great beats, thus being helpful for players to be more eager in placing some bets. For those who aren’t that familiar with his discography, here are some of his most popular songs:

  • Pana

This song, which is also considered one of his best hits, should be in the playlist of everybody who enjoys listening to Tekno’s music. Players will be more motivated to keep playing once they hear the African drumming sound and the overall enticing beat!

  • Duro

This is considered one of his best songs due to its catchy beat and beautiful lyrics. It’s no surprise that he received three nominations and a prize at the 9th Nigerian Music Video Awards.

  • Mufasa

Mufasa is another fun tune that goes well with spinning some slot machines. Players may be more eager to dance and win as a result of the song’s powerful words and energetic music.

With his amazing songs, it is no longer surprising to know that he has already earned several accolades for his contributions to the music industry.

His partnership with Bitcasino

Tekno’s popularity has made him an advocate for Bitcasino, where he can combine his passions for casino gaming and music. People can be more encouraged to play if he shares the amazing side of gaming with his followers and fans.

As Bitcasino officially partners with singer and songwriter Tekno Miles, players will be more excited to play especially when they know that even celebrities enjoy the same things they do! More importantly, they can have a good time while playing, especially if they blast some Tekno Miles tunes while playing! Who knows? His music can even work as a lucky charm to win bigger prizes!