ALBUM: T-Low – “The Awakening”


After years of massive anticipation, we finally have our hands on the indispensable “The Awakening” by folk music & R&B specialist T-Low and album comes with comes with finely crafted lines that tell stories of love, strife and stardom and captures the life of the reclusive T-Low in rhythms of RnB and Afropop. .

It hits like well-matured wine sweet enough to have you refilling your glass after each last drop. The best part? It comes with no hangovers. On this project, T-Low gave us fine well-matured music which not only put all of Lagos in groove mode but the world.

bound by his infectious voice, catchy lines and relaxing instrumentals. In fact, with it came a full widening of the palates of Zambian music lovers from the fast-paced songs  to rocking with, to downtempo music.

The 13 packed album 10 features of top raking Zambian house hold names of the likes of Chef187, Jay Rox, Dark Knight, Willz, Mumba Yachi, James Sakala,Tale Sheezy, Poptain,manu Worldstar and gifted songbird Theresa N’gambi.

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