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Sub Sabala ft. Aunti Talale, Ray Dee & Senior Bonzo – Pakula Tulye | Mp3 Download

The Zambian music scene is buzzing with excitement as Sub Sabala releases his latest single, “Pakula Tulye“. This electrifying track features a powerhouse collaboration with Aunti Talale, Ray Dee, and Senior Bonzo.


“Pakula Tulye” is a masterful blend of traditional Zambian rhythms. Sub Sabala’s smooth vocals and the featured artists’ signature styles create a unique sound that will leave you wanting more.

The artists’ energetic performances and the catchy melody make “Pakula Tulye” a must-listen for anyone who loves Zambian music.

Listen to “Pakula Tulye” now and experience the best of Zambian music. Share the track with your friends and family and let’s keep the momentum going!