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Scott – ‘Transitions’ [Full Album]

Breaking the silence with a resounding statement, BERNARD SHALUCHISO, known as SCOTT ZAMBIA, proudly presents his debut album titled “TRANSITIONS.” This long-awaited release showcases his artistic evolution, marking a significant moment in his musical journey.


Spanning an impressive 18 tracks, each offering is a testament to SCOTT ZAMBIA’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to delivering a diverse and engaging musical experience. The album features a constellation of collaborations with notable artists including T SEAN, KUNKEYANI THA JEDI, JODY, RAMPAGE, ARIEL, K’CHINGA, and LEGEND’SON, contributing to the tapestry of sounds and styles presented throughout the album.

“TRANSITIONS” serves as an audio journey through various phases of SCOTT ZAMBIA’s artistic expression, offering listeners a glimpse into his growth and creative exploration.