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RUFF KAIDA Better Than Legendary DADDY ZEMUS

It has come to my attention that the ever so energetic Ruff Kaida has recently had a surge of whatever hypes him up as he now claims to be better than one of the most iconic figures in the Zambian music industry till date, the late Daddy Zemus (MHSRIP).


In his time Daddy Zemus worked on songs that have stood the test of time such as “Chibaba” which features Mainza Chipenzi, Granted Ruff Kaida has done memorable music and we recognise his contribution to the Entertainment industry but is personally think his declaration is far-fetched and shows lack of respect to the legendary Daddy Zemus.

This inept scenario can be likened to American rapper, Lil Wayne’s remarks in 2013 when he uttered the words “i aint 2pac, I’m the new Pac”. When Wayne said these words he had on-going frustrations after he was banned from all NBA events due to complaints allegedly made by the Miami Heat organization, we are left to assume Ruff Kaida has frustrations of his own eating away at him hence the recent unfounded comparison in artistic stature (no pun intended) with the late Daddy Zemus.