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Looking at how fast Zambia is evolving with cool fashion trends though apparently the “all white party” trend just now becoming too much I honestly can’t wait for it to just end because I would sprinkle mud at the next all white host, No shay!
Speaking of themed parties ,the @DambisaZambia one just got #ZedTwitter on fire just recently when @pearlyicey unintentionally spilled some beans of fake celebrity guests at the k400 birthday party that I would say had a wrong date because the #bornAndBredAwards were on the same day (10 / 09 /15) even though the awards trended for the wrong reasons of not delivering to the public’s expectations but I still give credit to @SmoothIkZNBC for putting it up together as the performances were totally entertaining (my opinion).
And omg speaking of being entertained, @Ruffkaida just knows how to get people talking.


Away from that, looking at how people now have just started making use of gyms and going on fitness retreats and joining ‘fitness’ squads and looking as hot as (I can’t believe she’s in this paragraph too)  @DambisaZambia (am a groupie of her body) or maybe as muscular and fit as @geshgroove or @duncansodala,some “celebrities just don’t want to follow the trend but get annoyed when fans rant about their bodies not being “so cool”…
How do you expect yourself to sing live and dance energetically as a performer when you are not even as fit and keep running out of breathe?????? Live performances in Zambia have come to stay and what better way to show off your vocals and freestyles than on live platforms.
Come to think of it, this “free styling” thing sometimes must be taken seriously. After that cool “boxer and bambers” video that was passed around social media, early this morning a song which I believe was inspired by the video was dropped and I don’t like it! No lies, the boys Miggy, @eddieblackbaby and @fjay should have just let the video trend on its own.
I mean with the struggle of the Hip-hop genre in Zambia, I think Hip-hop artists must give the “Hip-hop” lovers a reason to love and appreciate the art than just wake up and jump on beats. Hip-hop is an expression of musical art that should be respected and not turned into a joke for publicity. I feel @KryticMusic’s painful tweets sometimes with reference to the genre.

As painful as it may be to see others taking “creativity” and expression of art in a wrong direction, the body art expression is on a bright side with ladies having their eyebrows on fleek, though @kayfigo needs hers controlled a bit ,the beards that guys are keeping that am a groupie of … Cc @iampilato as he’s had his for a while #trendsetter .

Lastly, omg its summer , and even though I earlier stressed about keeping fit, am now speaking of showing off the sexy bodies especially those that are covered with piercing’s and tattoos (cc @syko_hood_a )as is a culture in Zambia that still needs awakening and even though perception is not so cool, professional tattoo artists like @big_mills and Piercing guru ‘Ariel’ @piercinggoddesslsk on IG maintain a high clientele in Zambia.


All views expressed are personal, with no religious affiliation and have nothing to do with any organization I represent as I am just a freelancer!

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