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Rapper Cinori XO has apologized to Muzo And Dj Mzenga Man

Recently DJ Mzenga man posted on his social media page Facebook to be precise saying Muzo’s upcoming project will be titled “Recovery”. This brought an uproar among the music fans and other musicians like Cinori XO.


Cinori XO felt DJ Mzenga Man and Muzo stole his idea of naming the album “Recovery”. He then posted on his Facebook page saying, “No disrespect to Muzo Aka Alphonso or Dj Mzenge man but my album is already called – “ The recovery”, change your title to something else like “rehab. Respectively.”

Fast forward to today, Cinori Xo made another post saying, “After reflecting on everything that happened yesterday, concerning the announcement for the name of my fellow Zambian artist Muzo’s 4th coming album, I realized my choice of word and approach may have been a bit out of hand to some extent. I did what I did and said what I said only out of love for all of my supporters and fans who’ve been loyal with me from the moment I joined this industry till the day we announced the idea of an initiative called “Recovery Gang Zambia”, aimed at giving back to my communities and country mother Zambia through being a voice in depression, suicide and mental health.”

He went to say, “Personally, I’ve dealt with a lot of ups and downs from bad decisions, depression, suicide and drug abuse. The plan for this album was to open up to people and the youth of Zambia about my real life story and how I wanted to encourage change because so many young life’s are being lost and mislead because of what we see everyday.”

Cinori further stipulated that, “Making fun of someone’s mental health is something I would never be in support of or mean to do intentionally. What was said in my comment section was pure out of anger from a comment I saw in my comment section, which I try my best to avoid but one thing is for sure we are all human. To Muzo aka Alphonso and Dj Mzenge man I sincerely apologize for what transpired but also congratulate you on all the progress.”

Furthermore, “When you have love for something it makes you do certain things you may only realize could have been sorted in a better way in the end.”

He further states that, “The promotion for my Debut album will continue and I will stick to its original name “The Recovery”, which will be set to drop 12th August, 2022. To the fans and supporters whom felt disappointed I’m very sorry and ready to work hard to earn your respect for we are only human. God bless everyone in the beautiful mother land Zambia. Have a blessed day, yours truly Smooth Boy X.”