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Nude Video Showing CLEO’s Raunchy Shower Hour Goes Viral

THE FASCINATION with sex video’s involving local celebrities in Zambia has taken yet another turn with a 3 minute clip depicting Zambia’s Representative in the just-ended continental reality show Big Brother Africa The Chase Clementine Mulenga aka Cleo Ice Queen, during a raunchy shower hour surfacing and going viral.


Cleo, came second in the shows finale in which Namibia’s representative Dilish Matthews walked away with a USD 300 000 prize money.

According to those that have viewed the short and uncensored clip, Cleo, the voluptuous musician can reportedly be seen nude embarrassingly stroking herself and playing around in the shower on her 18th day stay in the house and it is not yet clear who has leaked it to the Zambian public.

It is hardly a fortnight ago when another explicit sex tape involving Lusaka based musician Bobby East rattled through social media networks and captured the imagination of the largely conservative nation.

Social media commentators say Zambia is still coming to terms with an advance in technology and the arrival of instant messaging applications that have led to widespread distribution of obscene material often depicting sex related activities.
Producing or dealing in obscene material carries a stiff punishment in Zambia.

We came across this video last year in august, it was uploaded on youtube by mp3recharge admin…

*Nude Video Showing CLEO’s Raunchy Shower Hour Goes Viral*

Source: Mwebantu New Media / mp3recharge