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(Nicki Minaj Diss) Beyonce ft Lil Kim– Flawless (Remix)

It seems someone is not happy with Nicki Minaj calling her self the Queen of Rap. No Shade but if this is what call a comeback or an attempt to reclaim your ‘throne’ then keep it because none of us are here for these immature shenanigans….
As a day one fan I’m at a loss for giving a few f*cks but since I’m writing I might as well continue on…. Kim it’s ok to bow out gracefully and realize your time as the ‘Queen Bee’ of rap has come and gone. Let us remember the legacy you created that molded the blueprint for Nicki Minaj and future Lil’ Kim’s to come. Instead you jump on the latest remix and delivered a half ass freestyle all while being bothered by a Nicki Minaj verse..
I’m no hater and maybe someone else has heard different but mama this song is not the business and if you plan on competing with these new girls then had better put on your big girl panties and try harder.


Beyonce Ft. Lil Kim – Flawless (Remix)