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Neo Slayer Zambia’s second studio album to be called, “Boy II Man”

Chamwa Entertainment is thrilled to announce the release of Neo Slayer Zambia’s second studio album, “Boy II Man,” available on all streaming platforms Thursday, May 22, 2024. This much-anticipated album is a testament to Neo Slayer Zambia’s evolving artistry and growth, produced by the renowned Romeo Katongo Chishimba, popularly known as Big Bizzy.


Neo Slayer Zambia is one of Zambia’s biggest artists, known for his distinctive voice and compelling signwriting. His debut album garnered significant attention and solidified his place in the Zambian music industry. “Boy II Man” features an eclectic mix of tracks that showcase Neo Slayer Zambia’s unique sound and lyrical prowess.

The album is enriched with contributions from talented additional vocalists including Miles Misheck Chanda (Mcmule), Clement Mutale (Dj Clemz), and Ariel Zambia, adding depth and diversity to the project. The instrumental line up is equally impressive, with Master and Phill on the guitars, Daize Lombe (Tutu) on keyboard, and Mutemwa on the saxophone, bringing a rich, multilayered sound to the album.

This project, executive produced by Robertson M. Chanda, is a reflection of the artist’s journey and transformation from a boy to a man, both personally and professionally.
Fans can expect an authentic and powerful musical experience that stays true to Neo Slayer
Zambia’s roots while exploring new artistic territories.