Ndine Emma’s EP Is Coming: ‘The Boy Must Be Crazy’


Zambia’s talented comedian and rapper Ndine Emma is gearing up to release his highly anticipated EP, “The Boy Must Be Crazy,” on April 15th. The EP promises to be a hilarious and entertaining showcase of Ndine Emma’s unique talents as a rapper and comedian.

Ndine Emma is known for his ability to make people laugh with his witty and relatable humor. He has taken his talents to the music world, fusing comedy and rap in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. With “The Boy Must Be Crazy,” Ndine Emma promises to deliver a fresh and exciting take on hip hop.

The EP is sure to feature Ndine Emma’s trademark humor and wit, but it will also showcase his skills as a rapper. His flow and delivery are both impressive and captivating, and he has a knack for crafting clever and memorable rhymes.

Fans can expect the EP to be a lighthearted and enjoyable listen, perfect for lifting their spirits and putting a smile on their face. But beyond the humor, Ndine Emma’s music also touches on important issues, such as self-acceptance.

The EP is set to drop on the 15 th …of April.

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