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Miles Sampa awards Ngoni warrior K2000 for protecting Cheif Mpezeni

The Ncwala traditional ceremony of 2024 emerged as a benchmark for organized and well-promoted cultural events, receiving commendation from unexpected quarters for its meticulous planning and effective promotion.


Zambian business man and politician Miles Sampa has awarded a Ngoni warrior K2000 for his bravery and confidence in protecting the King, (Cheif Mpezeni). The success of Ncwala 2024 not only highlights the cultural richness of Zambia but also reinforces the importance of traditional ceremonies as platforms for cultural preservation, unity, and celebration.

The Ncwala ceremony, a significant cultural event of the Ngoni people, witnessed this auspicious occurrence during its 2024 edition. As tradition dictates, the ceremony involves various rites and rituals, including offerings and sacrifices to honor ancestors and seek blessings for the community.

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