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Macky2 reveals The 10 Of 10 Project Vol.1 tracklist!

Multi award winning Zambian musician, Macky2 has shared the exciting official track list for his highly anticipated project, The 10 of 10 Project Vol.1. This unique initiative features 10 artists from 10 different provinces in Zambia, each contributing a track to create a total of 10 songs.


With one new song released every five days, starting from today, fans can look forward to a fresh and diverse range of music from some of Zambia’s most talented artists. Macky2’s passion for promoting Zambian music is evident in this collaborative effort, which is supported by several major promotions and media companies.

Stay tuned for the latest releases from The 10 of 10 Project Vol.1 and join in celebrating the vibrant music scene of Zambia.