Macky 2 – “Why So” (Lyrics)



(Intro Speech) Ummh…I think the only thing that can change your life is to step up, is to discover what you are capable of doing…… Abantu abengi they go through their lives not discovering what their talents are. You know……. not developing their talents, maka-maka ama yufi(youths) yamuzambia, baikalilafye uku blamer ubuteko. ibuku( a Book) babelengafye ni facebook kulepolekafye ubwaila nobwacha. But if you want something you have to be relentless, you have to be resourceful, you have to be creative cause you see the power to hold on in spite of everything,,,,, the power to endure, the anger, the ability to face defeat again and again.  Wapona waima,,,,,,,, iyo ewinner’s quality, elo iyi isafye umuntu nganaishiba exactly what he wants and he is fully determined not to quit.


Uchili filyafine wali, (Why So)

Uchili john solye ubwali, (Why so)

Uchili nobung’ani bunda bwakulomba ati “Shimpeniko zaali, (Why so)

Uchili ushupa abafyashi, (Why so)

Lolesha mu mirror you still unproductive,  (Why so),

Iwe bunda bwakunwa beer(Shamo iwe), (Why so)

Uchili ublamer ubuteko, (Iwe) (Why so)

Nyamuka please tamangako, (Iwe) (Why so)

Ndiwe youth ino ndiye time yako, (Why so)

Kuli life iwe nzelu fakako, (Why so)

See am calling all the young people giving up on you neo nakana gigo, , (Why so)

I know it’s a struggle but nobody said that this life would be simple,

So siyani kudandaula, onani banzanu uku babeula,

And our time is now so napapata please don’t just sit down, (shi ima)

Wemulumendo iwe, (shi ima)

Wemukashana iwe, (shi ima)

Wemusepela iwe, (shi ima)

Woooooh, (Why So)x2

(Outro Speech)

Ine bakamba nakulile kulyakwine ku comboni deepi dole laaast,

you know, a lot of people asked me, “So what happened? How did you change your situation?”

…..I started changing myself, I stopped blaming other people for my mistakes….

I stopped waiting for good things to happen and I started fighting, and working for them.

I started learning, I started doing everything in my power every single day to become a victor and not a victim, cause the fact of the matter is no one is going to help you if you can’t help yourself.

Believe in your dream before anyone does. Happy youth Day Bamambala. Tiyeni tubazeko