LYRICS: Holstar X Dope G – “Blessings”

January 22, 2021 504 views

Verse 1

I remember when I was a youngen, I must have been four years old I had
A near death experience – thanks to God I’m still living this/
I was steady drowning, I was just steady drowning, think I almost lost
My breathe until I felt that hand pull me/
When I was a teen one night I was just walking by getting high and
This is through the pouring rain – I bore the pain/
When I fell down that hole and you lifted me, you gave me strength to
Endure this and you gifted me/
Momma said that I’d make it, my Poppa wasn’t a rolling stone my
Brothers said D go take it, my sisters said no different/
This is in my defense, a mortal not inhuman, holding slogans a few
Funds – it’s for the future youth/
Raise my hand and never spoof the truth, many men telling lies by
Design so they can scoop the juice/
Will never settle for something a soft as a petal, I’m stronger than
Metal…I’m stronger than metal/


Oh my, Oh my God – I count my blessings – it doesn’t mean that I’m
Blind to life’s lessons, see time been time stressing so I’mo spend it
All night singing oh my, oh my, oh my God/ x 2

Dope G (Verse 2)

Thankful, I’m so thankful – that he’s so faithful, my wrongs he said
He would pay for/
When life hit hard like a paintball, wasn’t grateful – we stayed poor
Mom said just let your faith grow – look at me now with these
Back when I followed wrong a blessing to me was these yellow bones
Now my blessing is my little man who is carrying half of my
Only kiss him on these mobile phones, I’m working these vocals chords
So I can build him a local home – where he can walk when grown – where
He can walk when grown/
Pano pa chalo ta twisa ku mukwikala – twisa ku tandala tandala, bakatu
Shindika bana mayo mufi tenge nefi tambala tambala/
So ifi bwangala, ala mwine wila laba kutila lesa ni shi mafamu pano pa
Chalo ali ku byalala/
All that I ask for, the cash and the stamps in my passport – I got
Them all, I’m about to be blessed with something with wood on the
On what I was deprived of is where I concentrated, when I look twice I
Realize that I’ve been compensated/