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Lord Wapi explains the Bobby East joke a few hours after getting blocked

William Musonda Katongo aka Lord Wapi is a Cartoonist, Illustrator, Satirist, Socialite and Radio Broadcaster known his breathtaking illustrations, outspokenness and unfavorable opinions on social and entertainment topics.


Lord wapi made a joke on multi award winning rapper Bobby East’s facebook post and later got blocked from the rapper’s page. A few hours after getting blocked Lord Wapi explains the Bobby East joke to his followers.

Lord Wapi wrote:


(Or should I say: Lightskinned Haha!)

There are two things that Zambian Celebrities particularly don’t like: being criticised and being roasted, and I, unfortunately, am fond of doing both mainly because I have nothing better to do with my life but justifiably 1. I criticise because I’m a consumer of what artists produce and therefore want to consume the best quality 2. I roast celebrities because you take life too seriously and you need to loosen up, however, since you don’t get it, let me explain it

With the celebrity Bobby East, I have three recurring jokes these days and before I list them, please know that my jokes are never our of malice but out of love unless you’re a Presidential Photographer then I just find you appalling. I have the “lightskinned behavior” Joke, I have the “Promo Code” Joke and most recently, the “Take Bobby East Phone” Joke. These are jokes that highlight the irony about a celebrity. Let this good for nothing brilliant cartoonist break it down


I always laugh to say since I was a Kid, all my bestfriends have been lightskinned Peasants e.g. a pretty mambala called ZUBERI, been my friends since Grade 6 or a handsome kembo called ALFRED, been my friend since Freshman Year at CBU. Lightskinned Guys like looking at themselves in the mirror, I noticed. I figure thats why Bobby East looooooves taking selfies. Almost everyday, Daywalker has a photo for us. I find that funny and I laugh about it. But the laughing is out of love…like I’m with those two Peasant friends of mine. They get it. I roast them every chance I get.


Everytime I try to download…um, “something” these days, I guess who pops up? Chef or Macky 2 asking you to download LETS CHAT APP. I find that funny too. What do you get more than music from musicians these days? Promo Codes. I find THAT funny too. Yes, people are just trying to make bread but doesn’t change the fact that I find it annoying and funny at the same time. When I point it out and you laugh, it means you Peasants find it funny too. It’s not hate, it’s just jealousy. I wish I had a promo code of my own.


Vanilla, let’s be honest, talks too much. I find that funny too. When Daywalker has a thought or feeling, he will express it until you grow gray hairs on your buttocks. I find that funny too. Yesterday, he went on and on about marketing departments and how fellow Chambians in them are the ones who protest against paying Zambian Artists what they charge. I agreed with him but him going on and on about, I found that funny too so I joked…”Somebody should take away your phone” but he didn’t get it. He blocked me. And now the question is: will I stop criticising and roasting celebs?