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“Krytic is finished. Krytic is this. Krytic is that.” – Krytic Addresses Critics

Alright, there has been a camp of pundits expressing unfavourable opinions of KR‘s music journey and vibe. Well, the renowned lyricist and rapper has addressed them on social media.


He wrote:

Krytic is finished. Krytic is not aggressive enough with his marketing. Krytic is this. Krytic is that.

Well Krytic has three different songs on charts all over the continent, he still holds the record for highest selling album with mvesesani. com (six months later) and he is very pleased with himself for believing in himself even when nobody did. You see, unlike most people…Krytic knows EXACTLY what he stands for. He doesn’t sell out. He doesn’t do what they do. He is uniquely himself.

Thank you for all your support. Don’t let them fool you. The puzzle is coming together.