March 18, 2020

Krytic – “Exhibit-K”

From a student of the game to an innovator, the rise of Africa’s Best Lyricist has been monumental; both in his scope and his passion.  K.R.Y.T.I.C has been on a mission to show that dreams are not only to be had and fulfilled, but to be excelled past.

K.R.Y.T.I.C makes the case that he is one of Africa’s true hip hop mercenary evangelists. Through victories gained on the battlefield, and triumphs achieved in the studio and on the stage, the rapper has striven to bring you the portrayal of an artist accomplished in his field.
Therefore in the case of HIP-HOP VS. AFRICA’S BEST LYRICIST, you are now all called upon to bear witness. Presenting to you, EXHIBIT K.