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King Dandy claps back at critic for calling him a finished artist.

Multi-talented song-star King Dandy whose real name is Wesley Chibambo, has gracefully addressed a social media user who criticized him, tagging him as a finished artist, showcasing his unyielding confidence in his artistry.


Dandy, who is famously known famous for his politically-influenced hit singles Kolopa.COM and Donchi Kubeba. However, shortly after the going live on Facebook, a critic, potentially a fan, took time to share an unsolicited review, branding him as a finished because of his political affiliation to the former government PF.

In response to the critique, Dandy remained unfazed and confidently brushed off the negativity. He said that if one doesn’t drop any music in one year it doesn’t mean they are finished rather taking a break off the music. Dandy has also announced that he will be releasing a 10 track album this year.

Dandy’s poised and unbothered response serves as evidence of his unwavering self-assurance and dedication to his craft. By embracing his artistry with grace and humor, he reaffirms his commitment to creating music that resonates with his audience while remaining true to himself.

Watch video below.