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Killa, Unveiled As Second Most Streamed African Rap Artist On Spotify | SEE DETAILS

Killa, Olamide, Nasty C, and a list of others have been announced as Spotify’s 2022 most streamed rap artists in Africa.


As expected, the rap acts who individually had an amazing year topped the list, with Nigerian icon Olamide coming first on the list, followed by Zambian wave rapper Killa and then South African rapper Nasty C, with AKA coming fourth and Sakodie on number 5

Killa, who in recent times has been in the news for different good reasons, has surpassed 2 million monthly listeners on the music streaming platform Spotify. The new wave rapper has gained his supreme for a while now and he continues to claim his throne after being announced as the year’s second most-streamed artist on Spotify. Shout out to him.

The Spotify Wrapped is a sort of report card that gives details of an artist’s activities all through the year, that is, the number of streams they garnered, the number of monthly listeners they got, the number of playlists their songs were added to, and countries where their songs are being listened to, amidst other reports.