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Kell Kay enlists Hyphen & Eli Njuchi for new single “Loss”

Kell Kay finally comes through with the latest release of his new single “Loss” featuring Hyphen and Eli Njuchi.


Coming through as the first official release of the year, “Loss” ends the long-year hiatus from the Malawian singer, and officially welcomes him back onto the urban scene as one of the industry’s top prominent R&B artists.

Continuing on as the R&B crooner that he is, Kell Kay announced the release of the newly inspired jam on Monday 6th March after its exclusive premiere on MBC Radio 2 FM’s popular radio show ‘Made On Monday’ hosted by Joy Nathu.

In the wake of its release, the song has since received massive positive responses from fans and the public alike as another banger from the favorited R&B artist.

If you are a fan of dancing then Kell Kay’s definitely got you covered on this one, as the song includes an uplifting tempo, with insightful vocals as each verse goes along.

The song features contributions from two of the industry’s great icons, Hyphen and Eli Njuchi to help lift up the song and breathe more life into the beat which has you singing along after each verse goes by. Drawing you closer, the song has you vibing, while you remember what each artist said and try to have you singing word by word as you re-imagine what the song talks about.

Following Kell Kay through social media, the artist had constantly been teasing his new song as he engaged with fans all the way up until its official drop.

In recognition, Kell Kay took the time to give thanks to all those who inspired the song and were with him in the journey and making of the project:

“I wanna take this time to thank these people.
Tricky Beats: this guy is a genius, munthu uyu ndimamuvutitsa koopsa coz ndimafuna zambili koma samatopa nane🙌🙌🙌 thank you so much brother, nyimboyi sikanakhalapo popanda inuyo wachikulile 🙌

Eli Njuchi: I am a big fan of this boy, infact he is my favorite artist in Malawi right now. Ntangomaliza kuyika the chorus kwa tricky I knew pompo pompo kuti Eli akufunika in this song. You’re a superstar boy, thank you so much…

Hyphen: madala sopano🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this guy ndi amfumudi iish🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 I remember calling him months ago kuti Kuli Nyimbo yofunikila inuyo madala, he sent me his verse a few days later koma adah chi verse chakecho🔥🔥🔥 ndiwedi Mfumu yamadolo much respect to you brother….

BFB: genius 🔥🔥🔥 munthu winanso amene ndimamuvutitsa uyu😂😂 helped a lot and also tinayimbila limodzi choir ndi kambwiri sisters, thank you so much brother.

Kambwiri sisters: eeeh 🙌🙌🙌 kwathu osatha kuyimba ndineyo🙌 ti Ana iti timakometsa Nyimbo🙌🙌 ndipo this year akutulutsa single yawo soon🔥🔥

Tuno: Thank you so much Axse, tinkayimba this song @2pm tonse titatopa koma ma ideas mbweee making sure it comes out perfect 🙌🙌 you’re a star zikomo…

Stitch Fray: madala madala sopano🔥🔥🔥 anangomva ndayika chorus he said pompo pompo kuti hit🙌🙌 and then helped Kubakila thank you so much brother 🙌🙌

Kell Kay: I love you man koma sindingakuyamikile but your fans😂😂😂😂

To everyone who loves my music🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 I work so hard day and night for you, it takes sleepless nights to come up with these songs and I am so thankful because of your support, sinenso oyimba popanda inuyo zikomo kwambili for everything…

God: 😭 you’re too faithful to fail me🙌 you’re too faithful to disappoint me🙌 thank you…” – Kell Kay wrote on his Facebook page

Kell Kay, real name Kelly Kambwiri is a Multi award winning Afro-Pop/R&B singer. He rose to fame on the Malawi music scene in 2014 with a song called, “Ndilore Ndipite” which took the industry by storm, catapulting him as one of the top artists to look out for on the urban scene.

Upon making an appearance and featuring on other people’s projects some of his songs include “Mayo Mayo”, “Mwano” (ft. Martse), “Basi” (ft. Saint), “Juju” (ft. Charisma & Provoice), “Nono” (ft. Macelba), “Mr Yesu” (ft. Gwamba), “I Will Be There”, and “Tabwela” from his latest album “Ndabwera Ndi Nkhani”.

Without further ado, check out “Loss” by Kell Kay featuring Hyphen and Eli Njuchi.