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Katebe Musonda | Presents ‘The Cage’

Magic book with magic lights and letters

Katebe Musonda is a young Zambian writer based in Kabwe at present. He writes on the things one is likely to come across as one drives along the road of life. Some of his writings come served on a dinner plate, others one will have to picture and relate with the affairs of their own heart. He is working on something that will be announced in due time. 


Below lie the words of ‘The Cage.’

The Cage

The eagle seeking freedom, yet entrapped in a cage of fear. A cage. A cage that has seen field player transform to spectator. A cage that has witnessed soldier play civilian. A cage that has kept the miner on the ground, away from the underground, where the copper lies. The bird remains in the nest, yet the butterfly seeks to be released from the caterpillar . He who seeks to preserve his life will lose it. He who loses his life in the Quest will resurrect it. Of what purpose is light enclosed in a basket. Of course, the quest for freedom shall be fatal, yet, to see the butterfly flying is beauty itself and worthy. The decision, the keys are in the hands of the caterpillar, the hands of the imprisoned one, to that outside, yet uncertain world. The eagle spreading her wings is born when the imprisoned one dies. The keys are in one’s hands. What will it be?

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