January 14, 2019

Jo-Z Jay ft. Towela – “Gold”

Raised in the southern part of Lusaka city, one would assume the drive of a young man seduced by hip hop culture would be the accolades, status, and fame that accompany stardom, but that was not the case for Jo-Z Jay. In a genre saturated with themes of drug abuse, violence and perversions, he’s lyrics were seen as wishful thinking but in reality, serve as a door way to a lifestyle of limitless possibilities.

One of those possibilities are what this single produced by Stone and Jay delves into. Gold is a look at the hated phases couples encounter. Away from popular belief, in healthy relationships fights occur, a couple may feel distant from each other at some point, having different back grounds, two people coming together are never 100% compatible and in time may lead to differences. The idea this piece points to is on how much middle ground you are willing to cover to take you back to that time when being around that special person filled you with life. The symbolic message behind is to try not to blindly give up on what made you happy when the worst comes knocking on the door to your happy world.

The record is most illustrious by its far-reaching, emotionally detailed verses, blended beautifully with a heartwarming late 80s jazz symphony over a distinctive break beat, a new sound for Jo-Z Jay though with a poetic delivery, a trait which has continued from his previous work.

Labelled as a rapper with “a clean catalogue of music” and to have offered “one of the best Mix-tapes to have ever landed” [http://www.itsretunes.com/treasure.html] according to Zed Hype magazine. He is currently in studio, with long time producer Stone of Division Plus, working on a few other pieces they are scheduled to release separately or as a full-length project.

DOWNLOAD: Jo-Z Jay ft. Towela – “Gold”