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I can’t lie I used to think Macky 2 was an Arrogant guy – B Mak

New Age Entertainment rapper and songwriter B Mak took social media to share how he met up with Mark Mulaza Kaira better known as Macky 2. The rapper said before he met up with the “Beautiful Night” hit maker he used to think Buga is arrogant but he was wrong


The rapper shared said he met Macky 2 few years back when K’chinga and he (B Mak) had worked on some records, which they decided to shoot a video for their lead single. The video concept demanded that they use a luxury vehicle, but after they arranged for one, the supplier of the car didn’t show up on the day of the shoot and got stuck for a while before K’chinga suggested he calls Buga.

He further added that he remember thinking Macky 2 wouldn’t come through for them especially that it was short notice and also Mr.260 and he (B Mak) weren’t exactly the most happening hip hop names in the game.

He said to his surprise Macky 2 showed up within 25 minutes, threw him the keys to His Escalade and sat waiting in B’s car for hours as they drove off to shoot with his whip. This act instantly changed B Mak’s perception of this Buga.  

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