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“Heart Of Lion” Album, Is Till Chef 187’s Favorite Project

Rapper Chef 187 has outlined that Heart Of Lion” album is the favorite project thus far done by him; he disclosed this information after Big Deal Graphics shared a throw back of the art work on Facebook.  The studio project was released back 2015 and the body of work hosed of 16 songs had the famous hit of Ndafwilwa Ukuichindika, Siniwala, Court Session/Leniency, Kumalila Ngoma, Fashion among others.


Recall; In 2019 the rapper revealed he almost lost his life while working on his “Heart of a Lion” album. He further added the album which is his sophomore album is actually his favorite of all his projects.  The rapper who is 5 albums with ‘Bon Appétit’ been the recent one which had a massive commercial success.

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