Formation of the Zambian Association of Music Producers


If you have a keen interest in elegant, sophisticated and artistically crafted wrist watches you would be well accustomed with the term “Watch Movement”.

A watch movement is the engine of a watch that acts as a powerhouse to make to make the watch and its functions work. This internal mechanism inside the time piece moves the hands and powers any complications such as an annual calendar or a dual time zone. Driving all the timekeeping functions, the movement is the essential component in a watch and keeping accurate time; a watch would not function without it, now at this point you are probably going “Hey thanks for the breakdown on the SWISS watches Phicshawn but what the heck does that have to do with the subject matter at hand”, well let’s get into it then.


The rumor mill is spinning again, word is some of our elite music producers are coming together to form a “Music Producers Association” in a bid to improve the music sector from the studio sound engineers perspective and also tackle the common struggles of a Zambian Music Producer, amid all this there has been a number of producers who have backed a “No Free Music” campaign which initially started with a facebook post by Cream Dollar.wp_ss_20151115_0001

Now back to the wrist watch 🙂 , I would liken the position or capacity of a producer in the music making process to that of “Watch Movement” in a wrist watch, not to completely sideline the artist but it is indeed a well-known fact that there would be a huge gap to bridge if the availability of the producer were to plummet, I wouldn’t make the same assumption with regards to the artist given the same scenario were to occur because, T-Sean, Cream Dollar or Tonny Breezy (to mention but a few) would simply walk into their studio and cook up a banger of an instrumental and add a few vocal accompaniments and have a hit (NB. acapellas don’t really have a market in our industry yet 🙂 ) so its safe to say we need our producers to unite and they should not be taken for granted by artists and the cooperate world, I do hope that this association sees the day of light and that there may be an actual driving force of true unity within the association.

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