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El Mukuka feat. Mumba Yachi – ‘The Harvest’ Mp3

El Mukuka, the Zambian-born DJ, producer, and songwriter, has just released his latest single, “The Harvest“, featuring the talented Mumba Yachi. This new release is the second single off his debut album, “ZEBRA“, which is set to be released in the coming months.


The Harvest” is a celebration of the bountiful harvests experienced by an African village. The song is a vibrant fusion of Congolese rumba music and Afro-House, with a distinctly Zambian feel. The rhythm and melody of the song are infectious, encouraging listeners to move to the beat and join in the celebration.

Mumba Yachi’s soulful and powerful voice is a perfect match for El Mukuka’s upbeat and lively beats. The lyrics are in English and other African languages, giving the song a multicultural feel that will appeal to a wide audience.

El Mukuka’s music is a testament to his love for his African heritage, and his commitment to showcasing the continent’s rich musical diversity. He has already made a name for himself in the global music scene, with hit tracks such as “Bottle of Loneliness” and “Lost”.

“The Harvest” is yet another example of El Mukuka’s talent and versatility as an artist. His ability to blend different musical styles and cultures is a testament to his creativity and innovation, and his passion for music is evident in every note of this new release.

Listeners can expect more of the same from El Mukuka’s upcoming debut album, “ZEBRA”. The album promises to be a celebration of African music, culture, and heritage, and a showcase of El Mukuka’s talent as a DJ, producer, and songwriter.