“Eddie Black” Speaks out on Christianity and Churches of Nowadays


Correct me if am wrong people…
But check this out
These are end times right? n’ as we all know the devil is working double n’ triple shifts trying to get as many souls as he can to perish with him…
I go to church these days n’ I hear preachers talking prosperity n’ riches. Tell you what THERE IS NO POVERTY IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN,hence once you are saved you are wealthy in the name of Jesus.You don’t have to pray n’ fast to be ”rich” but pray for wisdom n’ guidance in your daily life so you don’t fall in the trap of envy n’ greed coz money is never enough…..Jesus lived as a human being,passed through temptations like we all do so he knows what you need.

Source: Eddie Black DukeOfHazard,Facebook.

(C) 2013, All rights reserved.

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