November 29, 2020

EazyTheProducer ft. Scott Zambia – “Bola (We won’t stop)”

Bola (We Won’t Stop)’ is a statement of passion, created for the enduring and relentless fighting spirit in everyone who truly loves the game of football. The song is high energy and has a predominantly youthful voice, performed over a blend of traditional kalindula and pop melodies.

The mood is further enhanced by crowd chanting that gives the listener the sensation of being in a packed football stadium. The song features vocals from Empawa100 artist, Scott, and is produced by EazyTheProducer.

Bwalya Lengwe, popularly known as ‘EazyTheProducer’ or ‘Eazy’, is a Zambian music producer based in Lusaka, Zambia. Eazy is most popularly known for his work with Award winning Zambian Musician, Chef 187, for whom he has produced several chart topping songs including ‘Sensei’, ‘Like a Blesser’ and ‘Grammy Nechibemba’ from his latest album, Bon Appetit.

Eazy has also produced for other leading Zambian music artists including Bobby East (‘Psycho Bae’ co-produced with Starsh), Yellow Dove (‘Mpaleni’, ‘Jumpa’, ‘Dance Nalikwanda’), Dope G (‘King Dandy’), King Illest (‘Kakwama’, ‘Kumilundu’), and Bombshell (‘Fukunyuka’), among others.

Check it out below.Enjoy

DOWNLOAD: EazyTheProducer ft. Scott Zambia – “Bola (We won’t stop)”