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“Eazy is the problem” says award winning artist and producer Djonz!

Just a few days ago award winning artist and producer Djonz accused Nexus music signed artist Aqualaskin for stealing his beat for his record “Bandibida” he then posted on his social media page, Facebook to be precise saying, “The next time you steal someone’s song make sure to steal their name too ba aqua Savana.” He further adds in the comment section saying, “Nigga using his boys to call me tf pussy.”


On the recent interview on Joy FM with Dj Pressure T. Pressure T decided to play both Aqualaskin’s record and D Jonz record so that Dj Jonz can state the difference between the two records, unfortunately Djonz was unable to identify the difference. Djonz further notes that the two records have almost the same temple, style and instruments. He maintained to say the only difference between the two songs is the story but they have the same language.

Djonz stipulates that , initially the beat was supposed to be Dipsy’s beat however Dipsy could not come up with anything hence Eazy the producer decided to give it him(Djonz) to put in something. Djonz wasted no time to create something, in two days the song was finalized.

After that Djonz started promoting the song by himself going from club to club in his hood. After promoting its physically he went on to promote it via Social media.

After posting it on social media people started tagging him on a certain post which had a song similar to his which was done by Aqualaskin. Djonz then decided to post on his Facebook page saying “Bandibida Nyimbo”

He maintained to say Eazy the producer is the problem. In defense Eazy stipulates that he wants to commercialize the sound after realizing that DJONZ record had gone viral.

Watch full interview below: