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Drimz showcases an electrifying performance in Namibia and fans request for Ba Mwakole song | Watch

In a night that will be etched in the memories of fans, Zambian music sensation, Drimz graced the stage in Namibia on Saturday, 30th March 2024, with an atmosphere pulsated with energy as the crowd reveled in the unexpected experience.


Drimz renowned for his magnetic stage presence, brought an unparalleled level of energy and excitement to the event, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the sold-out venue. He also preformed his hit track Single featuring Jemax, further elevating the musical experience for the ecstatic audience.

His performance captivated the audience with its energy and wide-ranging appeal. Throughout his set, Drimz delivered an electrifying display of his popular songs, skillfully fusing catchy rhythms with meaningful storytelling. From crowd favorites like “Single” featuring Jemax , I Belong To You, Effort featuring Yo Maps, and Ba Mwakole, to deeply moving anthems, he showcased the breadth of his musical prowess.

The historic performance by Drimz in a foreign land has sparked a social media frenzy, with fans and music enthusiasts celebrating his extraordinary talents. The night’s events have firmly established Drimz’s concert as a monumental success and a pivotal moment in Zambia’s vibrant music landscape.

Watch below.