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Drifta Trek feat. Dre – ‘Nafela Munzako’

Valentine’s Day is all about love and the celebration of the special people in our lives. This year, Zambian musician Drifta Trek has a special treat for his fans in the form of a Valentine’s dedication song. “Nafela Munzako” features the talented Dre and is produced by Dre himself.


The song is a fusion of Drifta Trek’s signature style with Dre’s unique touch. The lyrics are a testament to the power of love, painting a picture of a deep and meaningful connection. The two artists complement each other perfectly, creating a sound that is both upbeat and romantic.

In a Facebook post, Drifta Trek wrote, “My Valentine’s dedication song to you is called “Nafela Munzako” ft Dre Zambia.” This is a heartfelt message from the artist to his fans, showing that he cares about them and wants to make their Valentine’s Day special.

Check it out below. Enjoy!