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Jay Brown & Burning Youth Drops “Tivale Ma Musk (Sebenzesani Ma Condom Remix)”

Burning Youth and Jay Brown join hands to share a very informative single called “Tivale Ma Musk” a remix of “Sebenzesani Ma Condom


After Looking at how the people are dying with Corona virus in the Nation. We had to agree with Jack Lion from Burning Youth Band, the legendary music group. After having a good great conversation we agreed to teach the people about the dangers, prevention, Most common symptoms, Less common symptoms, Medical treatments of Covid 19.

So tiyeni “TIVALE MA MUSK. What came in our Minds was to rebrand and make a remix of the old hit song titled “Sebenzesani Ma Condom  to another good tune called “Tivale ma Mask.”

Listen download and share.

DOWNLOAD “Tivale Ma Musk (“Sebenzesani Ma Condom Remix)”