DJ Showstar fights with singer CQ over ‘Who Is The Godfather Of Zambian Music’ tag


Deejay Showstar and CQ Muzukulu had a conflict on social media ,Facebook to be precise. The conflict started after Dj Showstar commented on So-Manje’s post which reads, “As an artist you just have to go through Deejay Showstar, Your name will go places.” Then Deejay Showstar shared the post with a comment saying, “The Godfather Of Zambian Music.”

The comment by Dj Showstar brought an some tension among the music fans including CQ Muzukulu who is also an artist. CQ Muzukulu commented on Dj Showstar’s post Saying, “This is hilarious. How are you The Godfather when those that you looked up to and inspired you are still alive and active. Cooking something we don’t know ni beans iyi.

Dj Showstar wasted no time to clap back. He commented saying, “CQ Muzukulu none believers and nay sayers like you will be there. He further adds that , “ You didn’t make it to your full potential like some of your friends like Mampi the music Queen, Hamoba etc did so you want to compare.

Dj Showstar further elaborated to say, “Godfather doesn’t mean old man or grand pa. It means an influential man or someone pioneering a movement.” He maintained to say, “ Read your dictionary well before you come here with the negatives.

Who can we tag ‘The Godfather Of Zambian Music‘?

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