Dj Cent – “JIFAN Association”


JIFAN Association teams up with producer/singer – Dj Cent for their new anthem tagged #JIFANAssociation.

“We are JIFAN Association: Jesus Is For All Nations | Is a non-profit global evangelical missions organisation registered with the Zambian Government (Registration Number: ORS/102/33/15963)

and our Vision is 3D,
– Discover, Develop & Deploy

– To help young people DISCOVER a good life

– To DEVELOP the fullest life possible for that individual

– To DEPLOY these powerful young people for the service of others creating healthier, wealthier, and safer communities.

• JIFAN Association’s 3D Vision will be realised through:

– Prayer,
– Church,
– Be Involved Devotion,
– Global Youth Development Project involving sports and music,
– Community Projects,
– Skills Developement and
– Empowerment

Which Lead To Our Life Improving Christ-centered sustainable 7 Objectives;

1. To share Christ-centered messages that encourage people to obey and serve God

2. To provide vulnerable young people with free access to education

3. To help support the poor and needy marginalised communities with free food, clothes, water, health care, shelter, protection and small business empowerment strategies

4. To sponsor low income sports teams and musicians with monetary and goods

5. To train young people into life improving practical skills

6. To develop young people into obedient servant global leaders

7. To educate, inform, inspire and mentor mostly young people for positive successful living

●Our target populations are:
– young people between the ages of 8 to 35 and
– Marginalized people groups and communities

●To bring about holistic development both individually and as a community, JIFAN Association targets seven aspects of life – SEEFIPS. These will help people love God and love their life.

1) Spiritual
2) Emotional
3) Environmental
4) Financial
5) Intellectual
6) Physical and
7) Social

●JIFAN Association believes that through collaboration, partnerships, and pooling resources it is possible to help young people and marginalized communities emerge from spiritual, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, physical and social poverty.

For More information contact us On:
Mobile Number: +260977321432


Would You Like Our Page:

– We are JIFAN Association: Jesus Is For All Nations. And we believe in creating healthier, wealthier and safer communities for God’s glory”

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