Chester Stops UPND Leader ‘HH’ from Strategizing on his Song


Moses Ngandwe popularly known as ‘Chester’, becomes the second Zambian musician to stop a political party from using his intellectual property without his consent. Gospel Musician, Nathan Nyirenda also did the same act in 2006 when he stopped the PF Party from using his hit song ‘Mwemakufi’.

Chester who has always been a PF supporter had to say the following;

“How can they adopt and play my song without my consent nor authority? What kind of a leader is he that appropriates my commercial song without my permission?”
Chester also stated that the nation know him as a Patriotic Front artist.
“I am committed to President Edgar Lungu. The PF play my songs. So Hichilema is putting me in an awkward proffessional standing. He has recruited over 30 artists, you mean none of his artists can do a song that dispels the myth that he is a Freemason or Satanist”?

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