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Chef 187 launches new clothing line “Guy Pa Job”

Rappers are always in the mix when it comes to fashion as they’re constantly on the lookout for new pieces from their favorite brands. Having a closet big enough to hold all the clothing a rapper may get is a must and Chef 187 isn’t lacking in that area.


The Copperbelt born rapper signed under Alpha Entertainment, Chef 187 has taken another venture that has nothing to do with music: a clothing range. Not only does he have a gold-selling album, Bon Appetite, under his belt, Uno has revealed his fashion label “Guy Pa Job” that’s being launched.

A testimony to the symbiotic relationship between his musical career and his apparel endeavors, 187’s fashion saga began with a number of unassuming fashion raps sprinkled throughout his chart-topping discography long before his creative directorial debut.

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