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I Miss Chef 187, He’s a real hommie like DJ H-Mac – Camster

For as long as rappers have been laying down rhymes on wax, beef has always been part of the equation in hip-hop, and has manifested in some of the most epic battles between the greatest rappers of all-time. While many of these disputes were centered on rivalries between crews and amounted to bragging rights over who were the better emcees, as time progressed, beef also began to rear its head internally.


While those breakups occurred during the ’2010/2015 s, years later, tension within crews and between group are still very much part of the conversation. One of the biggest grudges of the decade was the bitter feud between Kopala Swag and XYZ Entertainment, particularly the label CEOs, Macky 2 and Slapdee.

Signing to Kopala Swag as a youth Camstar was taken under Macky 2’s wing as a preteen and groomed for success, eventually becoming a star and putting the label on his back after the departure of his label Diamond Chain, Camstar evolved into a force of nature, unleashing a string of classic records that translated into one of the most successful runs in rap history for an artist.

However, while Camstar and Chef 187 who were referred to each other as homeboys publicly on multiple occasions, became synonymous with one another as any other pair of rap figures, in recent years, the two have been at odds. Camstar alleges that he has been cheated on and stifled creatively. Camstar went on to wage war with Kopala Swag and Chef 187. The reason? Kopala Swag did not help push the rapper the way he thought it could push his brand, With all of the twists and turns in the cold war between the two, detailing its beginning and all that has happened in between then and now.

Years after throwing jabs at Kopala Swag, Camstar made an appearance on BMak’s new joint “Umoyo” which features Koby and Elisha Long, where he publicly pinned dope lyrics that praised Chef 187 for begin a real friend cause the friendship is real and he’s never taking back his words he further on to say he wish Chef 187 can do a track with H-Mac. Camstar mentioned Chef 187, the lines “I have never talked about how I miss my niggah Chef never brought it out this ain’t just about raps the friendship real” told listeners all they needed to know.

Camstar recently made a statement via social media that he’s a free agent he doesn’t belong to any record label but he is willing to work with everyone.