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Chanda Mbao – The Patriot | Why buy or Listen to the Mixtape?

Chanda Mbao is about to re-emerge his rap music game by allowing every one of you to audit a passport that details his musical journey and every country he currently/ formerly lived in or visited to which I now regard as a classical way of handling a hip hop Mixtape.


Formerly called himself CCM picking the initials from his birth names Carl Chanda Mbao – The triple-threat multilingual performer’s outlook has always been one that’s been looking in and watching his surroundings. One of the tracks on the mix tape explains how Patriotism “national loyalty” can sometimes come in a different unusual package and that’s what the entire project is all about, he has labelled songs according the country it was inspired by.

Despite being born in Zambia, the rapper has spent part of his life in Spain, The United States of America, and visited several other countries.

One of the influences of this project is the renowned Kenyan novelist and post-colonial theorist – Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o on his book “Decolonizing the Mind: the Politics of Language in African Literature” dedicated to all those who write in African languages, and to all those who over the years have maintained the dignity of the literature, culture, philosophy, and other treasures carried by African languages.

There is another track we can write about, it’s titled Das Kapital which hints another influence, The late German philosopher, economist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist of the 1870’s – Karl Marx who wrote the book “Das Kapital” which critically analyses the political economy but the track on Chanda Mbao’s mix tape focuses on corruption.

With all these supporting facts, the Patriot will not just be a regular mixtape but a historical project infused with enough information, wisdom and an admirable way to warm up to his forthcoming LP.

Some of the tracks expected to make the playlist are:-
– The Patriot
– Coming to America
– Vice City
– Das Kapital

Production on the mixtape has been handled by Shinko Beats, Chase Iyan, Greezy Beatz, #PSYBaby, LMJ (from the USA) and Shom-C.

Before it even hits our players, Chanda Mbao‘s mixtape leaves one wondering, what does it mean to be Zambian?

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