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Bobby East drops last album & cements his legacy.

The Daywalker dropped his 20 track album on Friday, with interesting features which include the late Daev Zambia, Yo Maps Yo and many others. Prior to the release of his album, the XYZ signed rapper posted on his Facebook page claiming that Rob.Art was his last album. Bobby East, after giving the country so many hit songs, claimed that his musical “cup” ran empty.


Following the latest one, Bobby now has three albums to his name namely B.East, Vanilla and the now Rob.Art. He stated “I respect you guys too much for this to be a marketing stunt. Rob.Art will be my last album. I have done music since I was a teenager and my cup is empty. I will be here doing features and a single once in a while but this is my last body of work. I hope everyone enjoys it but I made it specifically for my day one fans.

I love you guys.” Fans received the news with mixed emotions. While some understood the rapper’s move, others felt the industry still needed the multi-award winner. Coming to his songs on the album, the one that features Daev is among the ones with the most emotional feels. The song just brought the memories to fans on how great the late Daev was on the microphone. Commenting on the album, Bobby East stated on his Facebook page in another comment that “the only emotion I’m feeling is gratitude. Thank you guys so much.

I have achieved way more than I ever thought I would …Like I said, I hope everyone gets to listen and enjoy but my day ones hold a special place in my heart…You have listened to Daywalker, you have listened to Vanilla…Now it’s just me, Robert.” His album is available on all major streaming platforms and it is already accumulating good numbers.

Majority fans have described it as a hit album. Titles of the songs on the album are Mwari, which features Kayz Adam, Matero which features Abel Chungu Musuka and Ommi, Man in the Mirror which features Frank Ro, Weakness featuring Yo Maps and Mary achosa mimba. Others are Respect my city, I hope you can’t relate, Hold my hand which features Xain , Champepo featuring Nez Long and Xaven, Goodbye which feature Jorzzi, See you again featuring Ommi, Nshilala featuring JC Kalinks, Emergency featuring Carlos, Sorry featuring Kayz Adams, Bounce, Teletubby, Remember my name featuring Chewe and the legendary K’millian music, Chinveka bwanji featuring Flex ZM and Rockstone, and Amen featuring Francis. The production was handled by award winning producer Mr-Stash Beats, Axdy beats, Witty Beats, Sound Soundbouy Jadon, Smash Beats, Melar Beats and Eazy. The talented Modecaii also gets production credit for having played a guitar in Mwari.

Credit – The Mast